High Density HDPE

High Density HDPE

Integrated Bagging Systems High Density Can Liners (HDPE)

Inteplast High Density Can Liners have more puncture resistance than Low Density Can Liners of the same thickness. High Density Can Liners are made much thinner than Low Density Can Liners but can hold the same or greater weight, offering substantial material savings per liner. Our natural and white-pigmented bags are made from FDA-approved 100% prime resin raw material.


Interleaved Coreless Roll
Interleaved Coreless Roll
98% of our can liners are rolled in groups, so the user can easily dispense individual liners without tearing. The can liners are interleaved and release effortlessly without having to search for perforation, leaving the next liner ready to use.

Star Bottom Seal
Star Bottom SealDesigned without gussets, the bottom of the bag is center-folded and sealed, creating the star bottom seal. This seal eliminates gaps, helps avoid leaks, and is great for equal weight distribution. The leak-resistant bag holds wet contents better than bottom flat seal, gusseted seal or tomato seal can liners.

White Clamshell Box
All Integrated Bagging Systems can liners come in a white clamshell box with perforation, for easy dispensing.

Case Labeling
Inteplast stock items are clearly labeled with necessary product information, and we can also provide customers with custom format and layout options. Click here for label image.
Case label information can include:

  • Can liner dimensions (in inches)
  • Micron (bag thickness)
  • Number of liners per case
  • Weight
  • Film color
  • UPC code
  • Product Code


Coreless Rolls
Coreless RollUnlike flat-packed liners, IBS coreless rolls pack neatly and easily into our white clamshell boxes, with no mess if the box is dropped or spilled.

Case per Pallet Configuration
Pallet ConfigurationInteplast case per pallet configuration is based on a standard pallet size of 40" x 48" and our state-of-the-art automated warehouse cell storage specifications. Each product and its configuration is evaluated by IBS packaging engineers to maximize stability during loading, unloading and transit.


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